Since the last century, primitive peoples have been looking for ways to heal illness and pain, even without the ease we have nowadays, they have achieved results through nature’s own resources.

According to historical records, the Indians developed windsurfing techniques using animal horns. The Chinese developed this technique using bamboos and later, the Europeans developed the same technique using glass cups.

Although it is an age-old technique, only in the year 2016 did the fire cups come to the fore when the swimmer Phelps appeared in public with the marks that are characteristic of the use of the suction cups and generated a certain curiosity and estrangement from all over the world.

Imagine the shock of society!

Despite being considered a practice still little known by a good part of the population, the technique still unfortunately suffers from prejudice because many believe that this practice hurts and / or leaves several bruises in the body, so it is important to emphasize that the windsurfing is contraindicated for those who have problems but may be indicated for people who have other health problems such as: bronchitis, digestion problems, stress and other problems related to circulatory problems.

But what are the real benefits of this technique?

• Detoxification of the organism
• Sleeping Treatment
• Treatments for muscle pain
• Abdominal pain
• Headache
• Digestive problems
• Arterial hypertension

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