Let’s talk about Shiatsu the practice that has been helping people all over the world.

Do you consider yourself a person that allows you to participate in new experiences, never tried before? The Shiatsu changes lives and provides health and well-being, but let’s talk about what it is about?

Originating in the traditional oriental medicine, it was a practice considered preventive by the doctors of the time, since one of its intentions was to keep the population healthy through the balance that the method provided.

This technique stands out from the others because it does not use any instrument, that is, the applicator uses only the thumb and palm pressure to massage the individual, unlike other practices like acupuncture that is done with needles.

Its main objective is to unlock the energetic flow of the patient’s body, aiming at correcting the internal malfunction, relieving the tensions of the body and thus promoting health, well-being and balance.

Shiatsu has been increasingly sought after because it is considered a technique capable of integrating the body, mind and spirit of the individual, making it more calm and patient.

Worth checking out right?

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