According to W.H.O (World Health Organization), about 20% (twenty percent) of the world population is treated with holistic therapies today.

Whether it is the relief of stress, tension or pain, Lymphatic Drainage has been increasingly sought after, but do you know what is the secret behind this method that has attracted more and more attention from lovers of massage therapy?

Lymphatic drainage is a technique of manual stimulation consisting of maneuvers with smooth, rhythmic and slow movements, using intermittent pressures in certain areas of the human body, which are already predefined, for physiologically facilitating the effectiveness of the technique through a qualified professional.

The purpose of drainage is to activate circulations and metabolism by increasing the volume of lymph which is a transparent fluid produced by the human body which is responsible for eliminating the impurities that the cells produce.

It is important to remember that the professional responsible for the application must comply with biosafety standards, using appropriate and individual protective equipment such as gloves, goggles, or any other items that are necessary for the practice, thus avoiding the contamination of a patient to the other.

And have you ever allowed yourself a relaxing massage, or are you part of the population that is afraid to allow yourself?

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